Paris – day 4

Day 4 in Paris

We took the Metro into the city for another tour day.  We first walked through the Palais Royale which was very spectacular but is another building under construction.  Deeb and Joel then went to Les Catacombs while Walt and I went to the Jacquemart-Andre Museum.  Deeb and Joel told me that I would have suffered badly with my claustraphobia in the beginning of the catacombs, but then I would have been okay.  Our tour of the house was wonderful viewing all of the wonderful collections that the couple picked up over the years.  It’s amazing just how much money someone had to get these collections not to mention how they got the items transported to their home back in the day.

Walt and I had a wonderful lunch at the cafe in the museum and had a nice chat with a gentleman from Belgium who was giving us some tips on where to visit while there.

We all headed back to the apartment after our separate tours for a relaxing evening in.  Joel and I walked one direction to pick up part of our meal, and Deeb and Walt went the other direction to pick up the other items.  We chilled in and watched the England and Algeria soccer match with a scoreless game.

We are winding down for the next leg of our trip.  Heading in to bed early tonight (11:00) because the plan tomorrow is to get up early and head across town to a flea market.

Bon Nuit!

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