Paris – day 5

Day 5 in Paris

Early rise today to get going down to the flea market in Porte de Vanves.  This is the largest flea market I have ever seen.  The part that was the bummer was that we couldn’t really get excited about things we knew we wouldn’t be able to travel back to the states with on the plane.  And, everyone smokes like chimneys which makes it very uncomfortable being in close quarters.  It was a rather chilly day today!  I didn’t pack anything appropriate for the weather today.

Some things to note:  just about everyone smokes in Paris, the Metro is a great mode of transportation to get around everyplace, the streets aren’t kept very clean, people do not pick up after their dogs drop a load on the sidewalk so you must always be looking down so as not to step in a pile, the French are not rude as many over the years have stated, wonderful historical sites, they have stopped allowing smoking inside establishments so it isn’t as bad as in the past for dining and drinking, good walking shoes are a must (I have seen many women wearing their fashion heals and thinking how much they must be in pain), watching music video stations on the television is extremely repetitive, if budget and length of time spent in Paris permits – rent an apartment rather than stay in a hotel…ok…that’s all for now.

We had a fabulous dinner again at Chez Toinette where we also ate Thursday evening.  We ended our night with a final drink at Les 3 Coups which was a regular hangout for us while in Montmarte.  We truly enjoyed our stay in this area and highly recommend it for anyone coming to the Paris area!  Now it is time to finish up the laundry (12:10 AM) so that we can get on the train early tomorrow for our visit to Amsterdam.  Dag…I’m tired!  Bon Nuit!

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